Manage MeCard Profiles

Welcome to your MeCard Management Console! This is where you will order and configure your cards and manage your company and profile information.

1. Add Cards and Tags

  1. Place your order
  2. Your cards and tags will appear below
  3. upload your card designs (front and back)
    • You can upload any custom design, any colours
    • remember to leave some space on the card back for us to add a QR code, or indicate its position with a square box
  4. Assign your cards and tags to existing profiles, or create new ones

New Cards and Tags

Your cards and tags appear here

2. Add Companies

Start your MeCard profile setup here. You can create as many companies as you like and then assign them to profiles and cards.

Manage each company's information in one place, and it will automatically update on all profiles that are assigned to that company. To add a new company, click the button on the right.

Your companies will appear here

3. Add Profiles

Here is where you manage the profile information for all your people. The personal information loaded in your profile, as well as your related company information is what will appear on your online profile, and what will be downloaded to contact recipients phones. You can add and remove as many profiles as you like, there is no limit and no charge for the standard profile features.

This is also where you will assign the cards you bought below to the person who will be using it.

Your added profiles will appear here
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